Gateware Defined Networking®

Gateware is similar to software in that it is fully programmable. However, unlike software, gateware compiles to fully parallel logic, allowing it to compute efficiently like hardware. Gateware solutions achieve high performance with flexibility by running in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices.

By leveraging gateware for networking systems, Algo-Logic builds networking solutions that achieve high throughput with minimal power and sub-microsecond latency. These gateware products are deployed in enterprise networks for multiple sectors and products.

Recent Company News

We are excited to announce we're exhibiting at the Trading Show NY at Tribeca Three Sixty˚ on October 6 in New York, NY, presenting our Gateware Defined Networking® FPGA Accelerated CME Tick-to-Trade System at booth no. 10!

Algo-Logic Systems was at booth no. 722 demonstrating the capabilities of our hardware accelerated, in-memory Key-Value Store (KVS) running on the Intel® Xeon® + FPGA server fed by data collected by our Black Diamond (a robust, real-time measurement and monitoring system).

The sub-microsecond trading solution is ideal for latency-sensitive trading firms that need deterministic response times to market opportunities.

CME Futures & Options Order Book achieves rapid processing and book building latency of less than 100nanoseconds.