The Exact Match Search Engine (EMSE2) IP tracks network flows in 100 Gigabit/second networks using a combination of on-chip memory and off-chip DRAM.

The EMSE2 tracks up to 12M flows simultaneously. It matches N-tuple header fields of widths between 80 to 640 bits, allowing a smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6. It also supports an aging mechanism to keep track of and delete inactive flows.

The Algo-Logic’s EMSE2 core has the unique ability to store an item along with each entry/key whereas a typical TCAM based system requires an additional memory lookup after a match address has been found. This item is returned along with the match, without an extra memory lookup, thus reducing the cost of the system.

Key Features

  • Large max table capacity.
    • Up to 120 Mbit combined on-chip TCAM bits.
    • Up to 960 Mbit combined hybrid TCAM bits.
    • Up to 7.5 Gbit combined off-chip TCAM bits.
  • Up to 150 Million Searches Per Second (MSPS) per engine (on-chip memory and hybrid).
  • Highly configurable cores (width of key between 80-640 bits; table sizes from 768 to 12M entries).
  • Flexible interface to software; packet interface to read statistic registers and write configuration.
  • Auto invalidation of aged out entries; provides notification for aged out entries.

Product brief

Improve flow-control and security