Life can be unexpected, especially when living in a big city.
Whether you are on your way to work, to charge your car or see your favorite show.
Your time is valuable and with nowadays technology we want to help you save time, make life easier and safer.

Algo-Logic is a recognized market leader developing innovative, highly flexible solutions that offer ultra-low latency capabilities in a wide range of markets and applications. This ultra high performance was leveraged to connect IoT sensors embedded in smart street poles, traffic lights, Ev chargers and much more through a smart cloud to display live dashboard so you can make faster decisions that could make city life easier and even save lives.

Our solution for smart cities comprises of 3 different segments:

  • Real Time Data Acquisition and control
    • BDI: Algo-Logic’s proprietary system for Real Time Data Acquisition.
    • Data coming in from sensors is processed and transferred through the Ethernet to the cloud, is organized and presented on the dashboard.
    • Smart Locks and access control
    • Solar charging
  • KVS Cloud:
    • Algo- Logic’s lowest latency network attached object store
  • DashBoard for Real Time and historical Data
    • Monitor data released from the sensor in real time
    • Live heat maps of the city
    • Virtual reality city tour
    • Navigation map integration

1) Can automatically detect threatening situations and send help

2)Can help electrical cars save time and money by directing them to the closest EV

3) Aiding driverless cars, avoiding traffic jams navigating and parking

Live dashboard of the city: