The Algo-Logic Systems' U.S. exchange certified TCP Endpoint implements a full TCP functionality in FPGA hardware which is capable of opening, maintaining, and closing TCP Connections. It has an ultra low latency of 76-nanoseconds.

The mature, reliable, and network-tested Algo-Logic Systems' TCP Endpoint delivers ultra-high performance and highest TCP bandwidth. It supports full duplex rates of 20 Gbps scalable to 140 Gbps by using multiple ports within a single FPGA. The implementation is portable between Altera and Xilinx FPGA devices and compatible with all widely deployed FPGA platforms including Terasic DE5Net, Solarflare AOE, NetFPGA 10G and other platforms.

Algo-Logic’s TCP Endpoint can be seamlessly integrated with all of Algo-Logic’s existing pre-built components in the Low Latency Library.

Product brief