Algo-Logic is partnered with ReFLEX CES (PLDA group) to support their XpressGX5-LP range of hardware that are Altera certified boards for OpenCL. Featuring Altera's 28nm Stratix V GX FPGA, the XpressGX5-LP has a low-profile PCI Express form factor, allowing it to integrate into any server box. The OpenCL package includes a reference framework, firmware, and software tools.

The featured "HE" line supports the Altera OpenCL SDK and can be populated with an A7 or A4 Altera Stratix V FPGA’s. The XpressGX5-LP range has communication interfaces for PCI Express 3.0, x8 and up to 8x10GbE* support as well as an FPGA Configuration Module that includes power monitoring and a flash controller for FPGA.

More information on the "QE" range on ReFLEX's XpressGX5-LP webpage.

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