John W. Lockwood

Palo Alto, CA
Phone: (650) 796-8595


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  1. Methods and systems for content detection in a reconfigurable hardware, Bharath Madhusudan and John W. Lockwood; Filed: August 2005, USPTO: 20060053295.
  2. Method and Apparatus for Detecting Predefined Signatures In Packet Payload Using Bloom Filters, Sarang Dharmapurikar, Praveen Krishnamurthy, Todd Sproull, John W. Lockwood; Filed: August 2003, USPTO: 2005/0086520.
  3. TCP-splitter: reliable packet monitoring methods and apparatus for high speed networks, David Schuehler, John W. Lockwood; Filed: August 2002. USPTO: 2003/0177253.
  4. Reliable Packet Monitoring Methods and Apparatus for High-Speed Networks, David Schuehler, John W. Lockwood; Filed: August 2003. USPTO: 2004/0049596,
  5. Methods, Systems, and Devices using Reprogrammable Hardware for High-Speed Processing of Streaming Data to Find a Redefinable Pattern and Respond Thereto, John W. Lockwood, Ronald Loui, James Moscola, Michael Pachos, Filed: May 2002, Awarded: August 15, 2006. US Patent: 7,093,023
  6. System and Method for Controlling Transmission of Data Packets Over an Information Network, Matthew P. Kulig, Timmy L. Brooks, John W. Lockwood, David K. Reddick; Filed: October 2001, USPTO: 2003/0110229.
  7. Scalable broad band input-queued ATM switch including weight driven cell scheduler, H. Duan, J. W. Lockwood, and S. M. Kang, US Patent: 5,923,656 Filed October 22, 1996, Awarded July 13, 1999.

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